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Irish Terriers Guide and Informations

OWING to their great pluck, Irish Terriers are known among their friends as daredevils, and no breed is more worthy of this sobriquet. While being good-tempered with human beings, they are never averse from a scrap with other dogs if the challenge is thrown down. They make very devoted companions, and are excellent guards, meeting the needs of any who require a Terrier between the Fox Terrier and Airedale in size.

Irish Terriers

The Irish Terriers most desirable weight is about 27 lb. for a dog and 25 lb. for a bitch. They are somewhat higher on the leg than Fox Terriers, and also more racily built. They are expected to present "an active, lively, lithe, and wiry appearance; lots of substance, at the same time free of clumsiness, as speed and endurance, as well as power, are very essential." Front legs should have plenty of bone and muscle, and should be quite straight. Shoulders long and sloping, and chest deep and muscular without being full or wide.

Irish Terriers

The back is moderately long, and it should be strong and straight. Loins bioad and powerful, and slightly arched; ribs deep rather than round. The Irish Terriers neck is a fair length, and the head is long, with a skull that is flat, and rather narrow between the ears, which are small and V-shaped. Eyes a dark hazel colour, small and not prominent. Whole coloured bright red, red-wheaten, or yellow-red, are the preferable colours, and the coat should be hard and wiry.

Irish Terriers

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