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BEDLINGTON TERRIERS probably spring from the same tap-root as the Dandie Dinmont, and it is likely that a dash of the Whippet was introduced to give the BEDLINGTON TERRIER Dog greater speed. They differ considerably in make and shape from all the other Terriers, being more racily built, with a distinctive head formation and carrying their tails intact. The jaws are long, tapering and sharp, and the narrow head is almost in a straight line from the occiput to the nose.

Bedlington Terrier

These features, in combination with the long neck, give what is called a snaky appearance. The BEDLINGTON TERRIER body is moderately long and the ribs flat and deep; the back slightly arched, and the tail, which is thick at the root and tapers to a point, is scimitar shaped. The ears, which are filbert shaped, are moderately large and placed flat to the cheek. The silky top-knot to the skull reminds one of the Dandie. The rest of the coat should be hard and twisty with a soft undercoat. Only too often it is much too profuse.

Bedlington Terrier

He has many excellent features to commend him, being game, hardy and a good sportsman. The BEDLINGTON TERRIER recognised colours are dark blue, blue-and-tan, liver, liver-and-tan, sandy, sandyandtan. Height about 15 or 16 inches; weight about 24 lb. for dogs and 22 lb. for bitches. The small eyes are well sunk in the head; those of blues should be dark, of blue-and-tan, dark with an amber shade, and the other colours will have light brown eyes.

Bedlington Terrier


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